Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So you ever have something you really want to do but you put it off for a day, then another day, then a week, next thing you know you just don't do it?! Well, that's what happened everyday in the month of June! I had so many things to write about but between our family trip to Maine, birthdays, 4th down the shore, etc... I just never got around to it! UGH! Was going to blog from Maine about our trip but I'll just say this, we had a BLAST! I love my crazy family and am so happy for Anna & Christopher! Congrats on your marriage! Here's me enjoying some Lobstah! Before that it was Ry's 3rd birthday!

Another great time :) He had tons of fun at his firetruck birthday party! Can't believe my baby is THREE! Check out this awesome shirt my mom made Ry for his big day! Am thinking of selling them...any thoughts?

Oh and check out Heather from Chickabug's blog featuring all her cute stuff at his party! Then this past weekend ALL of us were at the shore house for the 4th. And by ALL of us I mean, 8 adults, 1 teenager, 3 kids, 2 toddlers, 1 baby and 2 dogs...FUN TIMES!

Now on to Emmy's Closet! I finally got my newest item up in my shop...Travel Bow Holders! We worked on these for a while and I am so happy with how they came out :) I used it for the first time with Emmy's bows when we went to Maine and it was great! (If I do say so myself) When I packed all her clothes I just took a bow for each outfit and clipped it right in the holder, I also had her name bracelet in the pocket. Loved being organized. I used to just put them in a little tupperware...so not cute! There is a variety of fabrics (had so much fun picking them out) and they are lined with white minky. The inside has 2 strips of fabric to clip your bows on and there is an inner pocket too!

I recently contacted Lara at Momma Drama to see if she would be willing to review my bows. I was so excited that she agreed and would host a giveaway too! I love reading her blog, she has great reviews and giveaways all the time, plus she's a Jersey gal, so I couldn't wait to get her bows out to her! I'm thrilled that she loved the bows and I thought it would be a great opportunity to spread the word about my travel bow holders and offer one, plus some bows to one of her readers! Go enter the giveaway right now!! Don't miss out, it is open until July 20th! Share with your friends too!

Ok, have a bunch more to update on, so I will be writing again VERY soon! No more of this "one post a month" stuff anymore! ;)



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