Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yay for Peanut Butter!!! (and a bunch more updates!)

I sit here writing this while staring at 3 duffel bags, a Thomas the Train bag, a Tinker Bell reusable bag, a CARS reusable bag, a flip flop reusable bag, a diaper bag...point is...I should be unpacking! Had an awesome time at the shore house for Memorial day, but unpacking STINKS...and it can wait! I have a bunch of updates to make :)

Most important: Ry had his appointment with the allergist today. Turns out he ISN'T allergic to peanuts!! WOO HOO! Love getting GOOD news from Docs! The Dr. did a test on his arm and it definitely came back negative. Guessing it was all just a fluke thing. I am just so thankful to Ry's pediatrician who stayed on top of it all and knew something didn't sound right! So to celebrate we went to our fav lunch spot, sat outside and Ry had a big PB&J! (or as he calls it, "peanut jelly")

I know I've been saying this for a WHILE but we are getting very close to adding some new things to Emmy's Closet! Ryan's birthday party is in a 2 weeks so that's sort of been slowing me down. I've been busy searching for all things fire truck and dalmatian. Nothing is falling into place this time, Em's party was a breeze! Pretty much everything that could be getting messed up IS getting messed up so I gotta figure all this "fire truck" nonsense out first!

I have also decided to do something new this month in EC. The aunt of a close friend of mine is fighting a battle against breast cancer. What a horrible disease this is :( I am trying to help out by donating 10% off all of my Etsy sales this month to Sunshine for Suzanne. So, buy some bows in the month of June...and help Suzanne out too! I'll keep everyone updated so we know how much we've raised! Read more about Suzanne here.

On a much lighter note, you have to check out this giveaway I just entered at Child Mode. It for a pair of Livie & Luca Leather Shoes and I want to win every single pair! They are absolutely adorable!! You should definitely head over and enter...don't want to miss this one!

Oh, and I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Heather at Chickabug. She featured my "interchangeable crochet flowers headband" in her blog this week! Heather is seriously awesome! I have purchased Em's invites, thank you tags and address labels and Ry's invites and thank you tags from her and they SUPER cute! She also did my EC avatar & banner! She does an amazing job, and is soo easy (and fun!) to work with! She changed around fonts & colors for me until it looked like exactly what I wanted, and I couldn't be happier with everything! Thanks, Heather!!

I'm lovin' the love for my new personalized hair clips! I've been keeping track of all the adorable names I've done so far (partly bc of my obsession with girl's names!) So far we have: (including bow holders this month)
Emma (of course!)

K, well time to hang out with the kiddos & get them ready for bed! Thanks for all the love everyone! I love ya right back :)


designs by jackaroo said...

I am so glad Ryan isn't allergic to peanut butter. I hope they find out what he is allergic to and soon, for his sake AND momma's sake. What is the family favorite lunch spot that you went to? I love your personalized hair clips. I definitely want to order a set for Riley. :) Erin

emmy's closet said...

Hey Erin! Saw your new creations...SOO cute!! I am SO glad also about Ryan's NON allergies! Actually, it turns out he's not allergic to anything, he just had hives once and they're guessing it was a virus...phew! There is a family lunch place in Westfield, NJ called Clyne & Murphy...great sandwiches and salads! (and any place we can sit outside with the kids is always a plus!!) I'm glad you like the personalized clips! I've got a few new creations I'll be listing soon, too! I'm super excited :) Talk soon!

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