Friday, August 27, 2010

Gift Certificates are here!!

Super excited to announce that I am now offering Gift Certificates to my shop!!

So many times people have asked me...

"what bows are good for a baby?"

"what would work well for a little girl who doesn't have much hair?"

"I'm a mom of boys, what colors do little girls wear most?"

Well now... you can take the hassle out of shopping and just send a cute little gift certificate!! Let your friends & family pick out exactly what they want for their little ones! :) I think they would be perfect for baby showers, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Halloween...oh c'mon on...ALL holidays!!

I can send the gift certificate right to you or right to the recipient, whatever is easiest! You can even include a little gift message :)

Once again, Heather from Chickabug, helped me out tremendously and designed these ADORABLE gift certificates. Seriously, how awesome is she? Thanks, Heather!!

Find your Gift Certificates here!! Happy Shopping! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New fabric shouldn't make me this excited!!

I may have a problem... something about new, neatly folded fabric sitting on my kitchen table makes me OH so happy!

Fabric shopping is so much fun, this time I got a bunch from a few different sellers on Etsy. All were great to deal with and the fabric arrived super quick and is SUPER cute!

Check out these great sellers if you are looking for some fabric:

We have some new "creations" that we have been working on and I can't wait to get them listed in my shop. Soon...I promise!

Here's what you have to look forward to at Emmy's Closet...

(and YUP, you are seeing correctly...adding some more BOY stuff-YAY!!!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lovin' this new ribbon!!

A while back I couldn't pass up on a huge lot of cute patterned ribbon! It's been on the back burner for some time (my back burners are FULL!), but I finally made these and got them listed tonight! project down, 100 to go! ;)

I fell in love with these fun ribbons and hope you do too!

You can find them here!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buzz on by Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

The Two Savvy Sisters and Fashionably Organized are hosting a blog hop..."Buzz on by Thursday!" I JUST started some blog hopping last week and it has been so much fun! I've met a bunch of awesome new bloggers and found a ton of new blogs to read! This is a great way to increase your followers, meet new people and find some great reads. :)

Today they are spotlighting my blog!! ((super excited!!!)) Thank you so much gals! :)

Go check it out:

The Two Savvy Sisters

Wanna send a big HELLLOOO to all my new followers, thanks SO much for checking out my blog & following! I PROMISE I will follow you's just a little hectic over here with my 2 little crazies running around all day, might have to wait till bedtime ;)

And if anyone is up for some facebook lovin' here is my fan page, I will "like" you too! ;)

Go get hoppin'...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogmania 2010!!

YAY! I am officially a sponsor of Blogmania 2010! So excited :) Y'all know how new I am to blogging so if you asked me about Blogmania a few months ago you would've heard a big "HUH??" ...but thanks to Nicole of
The Two Savvy Sisters I think I got it all figured out!

What is Blogmania?? This is how it was explained to me:

"Blogmania is a two day BLOG GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA, scheduled for September 15th and 16th, it is going to be FABULOUS. Over 100 blogs are designing giveaways that can be won on those two days only. No giveaway will be valued at less than $100.00, and many are much, much higher."

So, Nicole contacted me last week on Etsy...

"I am in LOVE with your hair bows and items, and think they would be an excellent match for the 'Party Like a Princess!' themed giveaway I am putting together for my blog's participation."

How sweet is she? Obviously I was super excited! We've been talking ever since about how great we think Blogmania is going to be. (and she's been soo extremely patient with me trying to fill me in on all the details!)

I gotta say...head on over to her shop, The Two Savvy Sisters and check out some of her items, you'll be glad you did! She has invitations, banners, note cards, you name it! SUPER CUTE!! Follow her blog too so you won't miss out!!

There are some FANTASTIC other sponsors for the "Party Like a Princess" giveaway too. Prizes include a huge party package from The Two Savvy Sisters, a birthday outfit, a tutu, and birthday bows (from me!) How great would it be to win this for your little girl's birthday party??!! Read up more on the sponsors and prizes here!

So mark it on your calendar. September 15th & 16th...BLOGMANIA 2010! Start getting excited....I think you can tell I already am!! :) :)