Monday, July 12, 2010

Some fab giveaways...

Oh, how I LOVEEE giveaways!! I probably enter 20 a day! (not kidding) part is...I've actually won two of them! An adorable set of girly burp cloths from Jackaroo. Erin and I have become "internet friends" and she is awesome! Her and her sister are super creative and have the CUTEST blankets and burp cloths around and check out these play beautiful! Follow along with Erin & Jill on their blog!

Second, I won (are you ready for this) TEN packs of pull ups!! TEN! I was soo excited when I won this one it's ridiculous-ha! I ended up buying them for Emmy because Ry, my big man, is now dry through the night...phew! So whenever Emmy girl is ready, so are her princess pull ups!

Wanna enter some giveaways yourself? First GET ON TWITTER! Just search #giveaways, and you'll find TONS! Also, start following some blogs...people are doing them all the time..great exposure for us "crafters"!

I'll get ya started and let you in on two giveaways that I am currently entered in!

First one: Bummas Cloth Wipes. These are seriously adorable! I love the color bright and fun! Life with the Lebedas did a review on these and is hosting a giveaway RIGHT NOW...ends 7/22! Don't miss out! It's easy to enter. Just remember to leave a separate comment for each entry. Let's just say if you follow them on twitter it's worth 2 entries. So on their blog leave 2 comments. "I follow you on twitter-entry 1" AND "I follow you on twitter- entry 2" There are usually TONS of different ways to enter...what the heck, do them all!

Second one: Also on Life with the Lebedas blog. (LOVE this blog...great giveaways!) It's for a Kidorable umbrella, ends 7/20. These are also super cute! I have had my eye on the cat umbrella and boots for Em and the dog umbrella and boots for Ry for a longg time. When I saw this giveaway, I had to get in on it! GO ENTER!

Last, but certainly not least: MY GIVEAWAY!! Going on RIGHT NOW on Momma Drama blog. Lara is awesome, she does great reviews and giveways on her blog. Follow her on twitter and facebook too for some more updates. Something new all the time! I am so happy she did a review of EC! :) Thanks, Lara! GO ENTER!! :)

Ok, I think I've overdone the "!!!!" and then " :) " for one night! :) (there I go again) Sometimes, I have to go back through emails and change exclamation marks to periods so people don't think I'm nuts...but really, I'm THAT excited!

I'm off to watch a movie with the hubs!



Erin Kersh said...

Thank you for mentioning jackaroo in this post and for including all of those links to our designs. I am so glad that you like the burp cloths you won in our giveaway and I am very happy we have become friends, too. :)

Lara said...

Thanks for the mention!

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