Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow day!

We got the call at 5am and then again at 5:15 am because I guess they thought once wasn't enough...grrr! It was officially Ry's FIRST SNOW DAY!! YAY!

This is what it looks like in lovely Jersey :) It's actually even worse than this can see no "trunk" to our tree whatsoever!

We decided it was going to be "craft day" and I quickly realized how unprepared I am as mom. No pipe cleaners, pom poms, foam cut ELMERS GLUE! I mean, c'mon! Next time I am at AC Moore picking up supplies I am most definitely picking up my kids their OWN supplies!

We wanted to make something for Daddy and his new office and what's better than picture frames for his desk? Thank goodness our paper recycling hasn't gone out yet! :)

I gave the kids their own little bags and had them go around the house looking for "stuff" they wanted to put on the frames. I had to help Em but she did really well, except when I found one of Ry's socks in her bag....

Ry had a blast going through my craft table. I had to keep taking my expensive ribbon & embellishments away from him and pushing him towards the cheaper stuff.... ;) The kid's got good taste.

Here's what they came up with...

I cut picture frames out of the cardboard....

And they got to work!

Look at me! He made his ALL by himself and was very proud!

The finished product! The yellow tissue paper balls look more like spit balls,
but I think they did a pretty good job considering the limited amount of supplies we had.
Next time we'll be WAY more fancy...pipe cleaners and all ;)

Here are our picture frames all ready for Daddy's new office, and let me just add that he was THRILLED when he got home. ;) (and then asked if he REALLY had to take them to the office. Yes, Daddy, you do!)


MishMish said...

Great way to spend a snow day!! I wish we had white winters!!!

Debbie said...

Those turned out great! What a great surprise:)

emmy's closet said...

Thanks ladies! White winters are fun for a I can't wait for SPRING! ;)

bluepie said...

great post, adorable kids and really cute frames!
ps...lucky daddy and hubby!

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