Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year... (6 days late)

I've been wanting to blog for a week now and can't seem to get my act together. It's snowing, AGAIN! The Verizon guy is here (cute little booties on and all) for 6-8 hours, seriously? A realtor should be here in an hour just tell me what I already know...You will never be able to move out of your "starter" house...never ever! I've got 2 kids, still in PJs, with noses running like faucets. Not to mention one of them has a nasty cough. Oh, and I'm still in PJs too. AHHHH!!!! Can you hear me complaining from there? Which brings me to my RESOLUTIONS. Yup, those lovely resolutions that I usually stick with for a while then forget all about. Although, this year it seems like I can't even stick to them for a day!

Maybe if I put them out there in the blogging world I'll try harder...worth a shot ;)

I saw this fabulous sign the other day and thought, THAT'S IT! THATS MY NEW MOTTO!

It's by Barn Owl Primatives...I adore their work. Find them on Etsy here!

How true is that? Keep Calm and Carry On. So that's my main resolution. It's simple, right? I'm trying not to flip over the small stuff. Not to even bring it up. We'll see how it goes ;)

And here's my obvious one...GET MY ASS BACK IN SHAPE! I mean enough is enough already. I can't blame it on "I just had a baby" anymore when she's 20 months old. I've always been an athlete and in great shape. Then I got married and figured I was set. Then I had Ry and thought why would I ever get back in shape now when I know someday I'll have another. So then there was Em. Now I'm done, so there are no more excuses. I just need to get my butt to the gym or start P90X again. Once I push through the first few weeks I know I'll be ok. It's just actually DOING IT and not talking about it....ugh!

Another very important resolution this year is for my family. We need to start eating better. I've actually been cooking healthy meals all week so I think this resolution MIGHT have a chance! I love to cook I just despise to clean up! My kids are getting older and I want them to learn what healthy eating is all about. I would love to hear anyone's recipe ideas and I'd love to share mine as well. Was trying to think of an easy way for some healthy recipe sharing. Any ideas??

Now for Emmy's Closet. I have B I G plans! I have tons more new items to list and I'm so excited about it. That's really my goal for the year. I want to expand and offer as much as I can, a little something for everyone! I just added some itty bitty baby bows, that I LOVE! They are the perfect starter set. Almost makes me want to have another little one ;) Although, I have lots of preggo friends right now so maybe I'll just pray for some pink from them! Some things to look out for are toddler belts (all finished JUST have to list them), bigger bows, holiday packs and felt clippies.

Lastly, I really want to learn more about blogging. I decided to start this blog on a whim and here I am. I've met soo many wonderful bloggers and am having such a fun time. I still really just wing it all the time though ;) Something will take me 2 hours to figure out and accomplish that someone else would get done in probably 20 mins. That frustrates me! I would love to get a "real" layout and have someone who actually knows what they are talking about teach me some new stuff. Although I am kinda proud of myself for learning as much as I have about this whole blogging thing and for getting this far!

PS: I am not proofreading. Don't judge me! I am not a writer, I rely on spell check and often ask my husband where commas should go and what deserves an apostrophe. What can I say?!


Debbie said...

I need to adopt that "keep calm" motto. I'm more the "panic" and carry on type:)

Julie said...

Ha! Keep calm and carry on... I need to make that my New Year's mantra! I hear you on the starter house, we are in the same boat. Our deadline for moving out of here has come and gone. Now I am resigned to making my small space have big personality! Love your blog and am definitely going to follow you!

Jan said...

I'm a new follower from Buzz on By Thursday. Can't wait to check out some of your sponsors. :) Jan

The designer and organizer said...

Hi i am your new follower ..i would be so appreciated if you drop by my blog and check it...:)

The designer and organizer said...

Happy new year to you

bluepie said...

hi sara..
just reading through some of your blog- i saw that you have the P90X...hey- i'd thought of getting that - is it worth it? I see the results look good but i am guessing you really really have to put the time in they say- no pain, no gain!

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