Saturday, May 15, 2010

Walks to the park and Haz-Mat Trucks! took a walk to the park tonight with the whole fam, Melanie (our shih tzu) too! As we turn the corner we see some policemen, police cars, firemen, firetrucks and oh yes, the Haz-Mat truck. While this made Ry very happy (especially since his 3rd birthday party is "firetrucks"!)it made us a bit nervous! The park was fun, Em is out of control and does whatever her brother does. I busted my butt several times down the slide trying to keep up with her and D chuckled away while watching from the bench. On our way back there were even MORE trucks & men etc. We were stopped by a policeman who told us we couldn't walk the same way back. (our house is just straight down a few blocks) D asked him what was going on and his reply was,"someone called in about a hazardous material on the corner...bomb squad is on the way." Keep in mind that "corner" was the same corner I just walked past with my kiddos 30 mins prior! OH LOVELY! D's response to that was, " hazardous do you mean like a bomb or just something gross." Cracked me up. So our walk was a bit longer on the way back but I could definitely burn the extra calories after Cheeseburger in Paradise tonight! End of the story is: all the trucks are gone. We have no clue what happened or if Jack Bauer saved our day. Boring ending...but I think I want a boring ending to this story!

Emmy's Closet time! Just listed these new personalized bows that I think are OH SO CUTE! I can do any name up to 5 letters and if the name is longer than 5 letters I could always do initials or nicknames. They sell for $3.00 each in my shop.

Ok, since it just took me about 30 mins to figure out how to get that picture in my actual blog, I'm beat! Time to head up and watch a movie. (yes, wine too!)


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