Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good news...I guess??

Got the results back from Ry's blood work today...phew! I hate waiting games...especially since they told me I had to wait 2 weeks but thankfully the results came back in just a few days! Welp, he IS slightly allergic to peanuts...total bummer (btw, he's had peanuts a MILLION times and for over a year!) But he was tested for a ton of other things too which came back negative so that is good! Also, since it's so slight he will be tested again in a year with the hopes that it will go away! Fingers crossed!!! Time to buy one of those "please don't feed me" shirts :) Oh boy, just got sidetracked for a few minutes already searching Etsy for all the "nut allergy" items! My poor babe...at least he's such a trooper!

On a MUCH lighter note, went to my mom's today to hang out, make "to-do" lists and see all of the AWESOME fabric that just arrived!! We LOVE everything...something about staring at adorable, brand new, freshly cut fabric on the kitchen table makes me happy :) Can not WAIT to get our new items in my shop!! I KNOW I keep saying this, but it WILL be soon! (I'll give a little hint: making new BOY items too!!)

Going to attempt my first giveaway on here. Pretty much clueless but I might as well learn sometime! I'm trying to get to 300 fans on FB...can't believe that number...I have such GREAT fans for spreading the word! I'm going to try and let YOU pick what you win! We'll see how it goes, I'm excited though!

Ok, off to work on some orders. I have 2 bow holders to make so far this week!! (an "A" for Ana, and an "M" for Megan)

Let's go Yanks! :)


Jill said...

Yay for the boy items!! Glad Ry is hanging in there had hopefully he'll have outgrown everything soon!

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