Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day Two!

I'm sitting here watching Backyardigans with Ry and figured I'd attempt to mess around with this! I am having trouble making my blog "cute". I love what people do with theirs, the colors, pictures, fonts, etc. HELP!!

Anyway...I have some REALLY exciting new stuff coming to Emmy's Closet and I can't wait to get it all in my shop! I'm exciting to spend the day with my fam tomorrow in "the lawn" and can't wait to see what my "oh so talented" mom has been working on! I think we compliment each other pretty well! We bounce ideas off of each other, I make the bows an girly accessories and she does the sewing and crocheting, plus we help by doing each others dirty work! (ex: my mom sitting at my "used to be awesome poker table and is now my workshop table"and cutting 85- 4 " strips of ribbon!) She can pretty much figure anything out so that makes it easy when I throw some random idea at her and she has it made in an hour and is sending me pics to my email! I love those "pictures from carol" emails!!!

Welp, bedtime for Ry!

Stay tuned....


Kristennicole13 said...

Yay! Bookmarking your page now so that I can check back often =) Congrats on your newest adventure, I KNOW you're going to amaze me again! You're one of the most creative people I know and I LOVE it ... looking forward to future posts!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!

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