Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get in on the GIVEAWAYS!!!

This will be the last time that I mention how much I love, love, LOVE giveaways...I promise!! I think you all know that by now ;)

My goal was to win all my Christmas presents for my kids this year- HA! Seriously, though...there are some AMAZING prizes out there. If you have some extra time, enter a few. Ya never know!!

Wanted to fill ya in on some current FAB giveaways that I am crossing my fingers to win!

Girl Gone Mom has an adorable giveaway up right now to win a Twilight Turtle from Cloud B. My daughter has the ladybug and it soo cute! My son actually uses it in his room because he loves it so much, and my 18 month old doesn't really know the difference! I would LOVE to win the turtle for him though, he would FLIP!

Another one I am DYING to win is for these adorable PetCakes! Have you seen them? I know my daughter would love to play with these! Then maybe she actually might leave OUR dog alone :)

There is a giveaway right now on The Queen of Swag...go check it out! It ends Dec 5th.

Another PetCake giveaway is on The Life of Rylie & Bryce, too, this one ends tomorrow so you better hurry!

Ok and one more of my FAVORITE leggings from Agoo. AH! I just can't have enough ;) This giveaway is a quick one...ends tonight! Go check it out at Fabulous Family Reviews & Giveaways!

Good luck everyone!!

And just to give you some far I've won a kids music cd for my son's stocking, 2 Jumbies for both of their stockings and I just won a Ladybug Pillow Pet for my daughter last night!!! I'll admit that I WOOHOOED very loudly when I read the husband thinks I'm nuts!


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