Friday, May 20, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...Emmy turns TWO !!!

Can't believe my baby is two. I know everyone always says that,
but seriously...she's TWO!
Her birthday was wonderful and her party was a blast....
RAINBOW EXPLOSION in our backyard!! :)

Emmy's beautiful RAINBOW tutu from Poppin' Dots Boutique!
(red nail and toe polish from Piggy Paint--LOVE their polishes!!)

  • I found cutlery sets in every color at the dollar store and thank my wonderful mom for wrapping them all up in a white napkin, finished off with ribbon and a party circle by Chickabug.
  • "Happy Birthday Emma" banner by Chickabug.
  • I found these little flower vases at the dollar store as well (you'll notice a theme here!), and put daisies in food colored water for few nights before the party.
  • Water bottle labels by Chickabug using this tutorial..super easy!

My pride & joy of the party was the candy bar...what's better than candy in every color of the rainbow??? Taste the Rainbow!! I used RED swedish fish, ORANGE gummi bears, YELLOW pina colada candy sticks, GREEN spearmint leaves, BLUE Raspberry Gummy Rings and Purple Dark Chocolates. Also had Rainbow twizzlers and Rainbow gumballs.

  • "Taste the Rainbow" 5x7 sign by Chickabug.
  • Marshmallow pops made by my sister in law, while I ran around the house like a lunatic getting everything else ready...Thank you!! (soo easy, btw!)
  • Rainbow lollipops from Oriental Trading with Party Circles by Chickabug.
  • Candy scoops from Michael's (coupon!)
  • Candy Striped Bags from Baker's Bling Shop with favor tags by Chickabug.
  • Rainbow cupcakes (sister in law) with cupcake toppers by Chickabug, "rainbows" made from Sour Straws.
  • #2 birthday hat from Poppin' Dots Boutique.

    • Rainbow streamers made from this tutorial on How Does She, easy, but time consuming...HUGE hit though!
    • Favor tags by Chickabug, rainbow crayon & notepads from Oriental Trading.
    • Books from The Christmas Tree Shop.
    • Tissue Poms made by me.

    Rainbow Veggie & Fruit Platters

    Veggie: tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, broccoli and radishes that were soaked in blue (food coloring) water over night. "Clouds" were Blue Cheese & Ranch dips.

    Fruit: strawberries, canteloupe, pineapple, honeydew, blueberries, red grapes. "Clouds" were Fluff & Cream Cheese dips.

    Make your own RAINBOW drink!

    The kids loved mixing their own drinks and making all different colors of the rainbow!

    Rainbow Kids' Table
    I got pony beads, letter beads, strings, canvas bags and fabric paints from Oriental Trading and the kids had a it kept them busy!

    A Rainbow twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey!
    (Ry always peeks!)

    I was going to attempt to try something different when it came to the cake, but I've come to this conclusion...every RAINBOW party MUST have the famous rainbow layer cake. My sister in law made this cake and it came out awesome. I smile every time I see it...I just love it!

    Rainbow layered Jello was another big hit...looked even cooler once it was scooped out in everyone's bowls.

    I stole this next idea from another sister-in-law and it was so much fun! I collected as many "props" as I could find...glasses, boas, hats, mustaches, you name it and I set up a photo booth. The pics came out so cute!

    (backdrop was a shower curtain, "props" were from the dollar store, borrowed from friends, my kids' rooms, etc. Oh yeah, and IKEA! Have you ever bought dress up stuff from Ikea?? Great selection and even greater prices!)

    Em's "costume change" was made by the super talented Jen of Mama Runs With Scissors. The initial shirt and rainbow leggings were ridiculously cute!

    ...and of course Emmy had to have one of my Emmy's Closet Rainbow Bows... (will be listed soon!)

    Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Emmy girl...we love you more than words can say...

    Visit me at Emmy's Closet on Etsy!

    A HUMONGOUS Thank You to my fabulous friend, Kristen, for taking such special pics (8 mos preggo and all) ...I can't thank you enough, Kris!! xoxo


    OrangeHeroMama said...

    WOW!!! What an amazingly planned party!! It looked AMAZING!! :)

    emmy's closet said...

    Thanks SO much!! :)

    Kristennicole13 said...

    Love it =)

    Anonymous said...

    you two are so cute :) Great job Sara making Emma's day so special :)

    Shiela said...

    Great Party - It was so much fun and all the details were amazing - You're hired as my party planner. :)

    emmy's closet said...

    Thanks everyone!!! :) It was definitely such a FUN theme to plan for!!

    ChristyLawrence said... fun and cute !!!! I love all the details....amazing !!!

    Star from Star's Flour Power said...

    I am using many of your ideas for my daughters 6th BD party in a couple of weeks. mahalo for posting!
    I love the idea of making your own rainbow drinks. Could you tell me how you did this. What is in the bottles of colored drink?
    Again, Mahalo for posting these wonderful pictures and ideas.

    emmy's closet said...

    Hi there! I am so sorry that I am just seeing your comment now...I don't know why I don't get notifications sometimes :( Anyway, thanks so much for your kind words and I'm so happy you are using some ideas! For the drinks I just bought red, blue and yellow Gatorade. (I was considering koolaid too) Please let me know if you have any other questions and hope your daughter has a fabulous birthday! Would love to see pics! (feel free to email me at too!) :)

    Anonymous said...

    how do you make the rainbow drinks

    emmy's closet said...

    I used gatorade but you could use kool aid too. Just find blue, red and yellow and you're all set. :)

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