Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Phew....my first half marathon is in the books!! It was so amazing -- beautiful day, runners were awesome and the crowd was fantastic. When I turned a corner around mile 2 and heard some locals blasting the Rocky theme song, I knew it was going to be a great day!

There were so many inspiring people along the way, I swear at some points I forgot I was running and next thing I knew another mile had come and gone. Then there were those lovely moments when I was pretty damn sure I was gonna pee my pants, my legs were going to fall off and then I was going to pass out.... but then I would see my awesome family (mile 9) and my little kiddos holding up their glitter signs "GO MOMMY" and I would be back on track :)

I think I just may have become a "half marathoner". I definitely want to do it again next year. I know 13.1 miles isn't for everyone but there are so many other races out there too. Try a 5K in your town, I promise you will feel so accomplished when you're done. It's a feeling you can't really describe until you do it. When I crossed the finish line, I was more than tired and couldn't utter a word but it was the greatest feeling (the fact that the last 1 1/2 miles were right along the ocean, wasn't too bad either).

If you're looking for some help training I strongly recommend Hal Higdon's training guides. (he has guides for a 5K also) They are so attainable, I know you can do it too!!

Here are my official results. (notice I beat my goal of 2:10--yay!)

Time: 2:08:34
Pace: 9:48
Gender Place: 1390/3724
Age group place (30-34) 232/607


Anonymous said...

I am doing my first half marathon on May 22nd. So nervous and excited. I will post my results here: http://www.kathleenboland.blogspot.com

Congratulations! Any thoughts of a full marathon now?

life...just saying said...

Congrats on the half marathon! My good friend attempted Chicago last year. She decided she's not a full marathon person. It just wasn't fun. New follower.

bluepie said...

you rock! what more can I say-- very proud of you!..YEAH!

henzy said...

Great job, that is fantastic.

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