Monday, February 7, 2011

week 1, day 1...

I've been a runner pretty much my whole life. It's always been the one thing that came easily to me and I loved doing. I started in 5th grade and ran through college. Then I stopped. Just completely stopped and I am still so mad at myself for it. I don't know if I had just had enough, or I was busy working, starting a family, etc. I could make excuses all day, but I'm done.

I am so excited that I have officially registered for my first Half Marathon!! I figured if I just took the plunge and registered I would HAVE to do it, right? (I'm not one to lose money!)

I started my 12 week training plan today, it was only a "stretch & strengthen" day so I'd say it went well. :)

I am going to post here and there about my progress (and hopeful weight loss!), I think this will help me stick to it.

Wish me luck, 12 weeks till RACE DAY!


Meri said...

GOod luck!
I'm having a giveaway, come check it out!

bluepie said...


that is so awesome! looking forward to your progress..I really want to know how you do it..I was never a runner- tried it for a few weeks and was amazed that I actually ran straight thru for a couple miles but for some reason I never stuck to it. I do, however workout with weights at least 4 times a week- always have-someday I will be blogging about that. I am starting to blog more and really liking it....just put a new one out today..let me know what u think.
How did u find the marathon and do u have a trainer or do they just advise u what to do?
keep going! get strong!

emmy's closet said...

Thanks ladies!!

@Meri: I just entered your giveaway...THANKS!

@Deb: I am following Hal Higdon's training plan, it's online. So easy to follow and very realistic. I'm so happy you're enjoying blogging! I'm going to head over and check out your latest post now. :)

bluepie said...

thanks Sara for the info on Hal..i'll check it out..Do u know where your marathon will be yet?
PS...i love the new giveaway for the tote bag...going to check her site now!

bluepie said...

ps..sara- u got me so psyched about your marathon - I checked out Hals site - very cool- i will decide tonite when I have more time to read - I may actually train for the walking program...don't think I can run that much just yet...i' will let u know- I need some motive!

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