Monday, February 28, 2011

Interview with Deb of Bluepie Designs

I met Deb back in November at our first Craft Show. She strolled by our table and right away we hit it off. We started talking about our businesses, Etsy, crafting...a little bit of everything. We exchanged cards and have been in touch ever since. We've been helping each other out a bunch too, it's been great. She fills me in & explains all the local craft fairs and group meetings to attend and I've been helping her with social networking. It's been really fun sharing our specialties with each other.
Deb is ridiculously talented and wonderful to work with. I can't wait to see what she creates next. I purchased one of her original secret money stash cuffs for my niece for Christmas and couldn't have been happier. She's been making them as kids' party favors too, for all you mom's out there--great idea!
Another thing I love about Deb is how she's always up for a challenge or something new. Whether it be diving into the "blogging" and "facebook" world or reading a post of mine about starting a running program and then starting herself! She wrote me one day and basically said.... I read your blog about training for a half marathon- I looked up that program and started training for a 5K today!

I loved reading all of Deb's answers and hope you do too!

About You & Bluepie!

1. Tell us a little about where you're from.
Jersey girl since day one. My dad built the house I grew up in in Colonia. Since then, my childhood girlfriend bought it, so I still get to go back and remember what it was like to be five anxiously waiting for the Good Humor truck to come by. Chocolate was my favorite.

2. When did you start sewing? Did someone teach you?
I started sewing in Mrs. Condor's Home Ec class in Junior High. Buttonholes were the hardest. I pretty much gave up on them until the new machines inserted them like magic! Now it's a piece of cake.

3. What's a typical day like for you?
A typical day is never typical. Gemini's (me) do 12 things at once. And then another 420 throughout the day. I am up at 6:30 am. Sewing, creating, painting, writing stories, emailing, online 24/7 on my MAC, photographing, dreaming, working out, reading, watching the travel channel during a veggie burger lunch, shopping at craft stores and fabric stores, more dreaming. Then I wonder where the day went and make a list for the next day. This time I try to limit the list to 419 things to do. I also normally design new ideas for Bluepie in my sleep. Those are always the best- it's how the "Secret Stash" cuff was born.

4. How did you come up with the name Bluepie Designs?
Bluepie Designs is an acronym for Blending Lives, Uniting Energy, Passion, Inspiration and Enthusiasm. My friend who is a jewelry designer and I plan to have a website together soon so I came up with this name which pretty much says it all. We are the ultimate nerds. (Cool nerds though.)

5. What are some of your other hobbies?
Hobbies? Just about everything I see I want to make. I've traveled every year with a good friend for the last 10 years and we have been all over the world. My camera is how I see what others don't. That, and my daily travel journal become an online or paper scrapbook when I return. Then I can revisit those streets of Paris whenever I wish. My hobbies are the essence of who I am.

6. What is your favorite item in your Etsy shop?
My favorite item at my Etsy shop? Is that a trick question? I can't answer that. My brain would go on overload.

7. Which of your creations are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my watercolor paintings actually, but they are not for sale on Etsy yet.

8. Any upcoming projects we can look forward to?
Upcoming projects right now are top secret information at BluepieDesign Headquarters. But I can give you a hint. It will be a mixed media project.


1. Plan your next vacation. Where do you want to go?
My next vacation will most likely be Sardinia, Italy. It will be my second time in Italy. Heaven on earth. It's still in the planning stages so who knows where I will end up.

2. You are headed out for dinner. Where are you going?
My favorite place for dinner out? Don't really have one. I love to try new places-more exciting. Although I do love Jose Tejas! Margaritas to die for and I feel like I am on a vacation for a few hours.

3. You just won $1,000 but can only spend it in one store. What store is it?
Of course if I had $1000 dollars to spend in one store only it would be the Apple Store. Or, no wait the craft store, or the camera store. That was another trick question wasn't it? (sorry, I hate to follow the rules)

Just for fun!

1. Cat or Dog?
I like Dogs better, but have 2 rescued cats.

2. Coffee or Tea?
Hate coffee, love tea!

3. Early Bird or Night Owl?
For sure, early bird. I am asleep by 11 pm. Brain is dead but needed for dreaming up new projects.

4. Even or Odd?
I don't gamble so even or odd is irrelevant to me.

5. Summer or Winter?
Summer without a doubt rocks!

Please go say HI!

Bluepie BLOG
Bluepie Etsy Shop

Thanks so much, Deb!! :)


Meri said...

Mixed media is the best! No rules! I can't wait :)

Carol437 said...

Love the Secret Money Stash Cuffs. Such a great idea!!

Greg T said...

Hey....That's my MOM! I love you Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

This is my Sister and I love going to craft shows with her to help ... She's always been dreaming up ideas since I remember ... Super nerd and I love her

bluepie said...

thanks Sara- you are a doll for spreading the Bluepie word and being a super talent!

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