Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mama Runs With Scissors Review!

Emmy received many compliments on her adorable little rainbow birthday outfit and I'm so excited to share with you the wonderful etsy shop of Mama Runs With Scissors! I came across Jen's shop a while back and couldn't believe all of her talent and creativity. I was thrilled that she sent me Em's rainbow "E" shirt, rainbow skirt and rainbow leggings for her party....ahhh the cuteness!

When I received the package, I was so pleased with the quality of her work. You can really tell all of the hard work and love she puts into her creations. Everything was packaged neatly and when Em tried it on I literally had to pry it off of her...(and she cried).

((plenty for the boys))

She's worn the shirt and skirt all summer and they have held up wonderfully. I washed them regularly with the rest of our laundry and nothing shrunk, frayed, fell apart, nothing! They look exactly the same as they did the first day. Now that it's almost fall and cooler weather is approaching I can't wait to get those cute little rainbow leggings back on her. They look so great with a jean skirt and are really fantastic for crawlers or potty trainers! (or just for those fashionista girls ;) )

((how adorable is this dress?!))

Jen's shop is FULL of amazing fabrics and outfit combinations. I adore her hip, rock n roll-ish, cutting edge style, different from a lot of the baby and kid stuff you'll find out there. Mama Runs With Scissors has so much to offer, I know you'll love her shop as much as I do. Be sure to check out all of her different sections of her shop...from Kool Kid leggings and onesies to sun hats and tutus!

A huge thank you to the very talented Jen for making Em's birthday so special (and cute)!

Please say "HI!" to Jen on facebook and her blog!


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