Sunday, August 21, 2011

I need your help!!!

Favor time!

I need your votes in a photo contest for my hub's work. They are brand new to facebook and we had a blast with this promotion. Rules were to take any pic (or photoshop but I went the "REAL" route) with their logo. So I "Snookified" my nieces and we took a ride down to Seaside Heights. First pic is them in front of THEE Jersey Shore house. (pretty bummed that they painted over the Italian flag) Second pic is them in front the Shore Store. Please notice the "fist pumps" HAHA! Big thanks to my awesome nieces, who felt like complete idiots walking down the boardwalk as Snooki look alikes. I love you girls!! :)

First step: LIKE LeafFilter on Facebook.

Second step: Click "VOTE" under BOTH pics.

THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Need a favor?? Ask me anytime!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

new RAINBOW bow...

Just added Emmy's Rainbow Birthday bow to my shop!!

You can find it HERE!

Em's "E" shirt is from Mama Runs With to come soon!